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Smackdown Live Results-June 13th,2017
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They showed footage of Corbin assaulting Sami Zayn backstage last week, just in case you had forgotten that they’d been feuding for the last few months. Nakamura and Ziggler started things off, with the Artist taking control and lighting up the Showoff with Good Vibrations in the corner. Ziggler immediately came back and dropped him with a stiff uppercut and a standing dropkick, then tagged in the U.S. Champion who went to work on the former IWGP champion. The heels alternated out with quick tags, as Corbin continued to trash talk everyone within a 20-foot radius.

Eventually the obligatory brawl broke out with all six guys hitting the ring, going after their respective rivals. Zayn hit the ring like a bat out of hell, and completely cleaned house, then flew over the ropes taking out Owens and Corbin simultaneously. Things slowed back down as Styles worked over Ziggler briefly, then tagged out to Sami who continued going after the Lone Wolf. Corbin planted him with Deep Six but the pin was broken up by Nakamura as they cut to the final commercial break of the night.

After the break, Zayn was being dominated by the heels. Corbin ran misdirection all around the ring, then lit him up with a huge shoulder tackle. Owens tagged in but ran into the Blue Thunder Bomb, and Sami kicked Baron over the top rope, finally giving himself an opening. He crawled his way to the corner, but once was cut off with nobody to tag in. Corbin lined him up but got caught with the Helluva Kick! Sami did it!

Winner: Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura & AJ Styles

Owens immediately attacked Sami after the match. He rolled to the floor and brought a ladder into the ring, teaming with Ziggler to take out all three of the babyfaces. Predictably, Owens and Ziggler started arguing over who was going to win Money in the Bank, and Corbin took advantage by laying them both out from behind. The Lone Wolf set up the ladder and began to climb, but Nakamura rushed the ring and knocked him over, then destroyed him with the Kinshasa! Nakamura climbed the ladder and took down the MITB briefcase, posing atop the ladder as his music played around the arena.

Screen Captures

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