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November 19th:Survivor Series: Houston, TX
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Backlash Results:May 21st,2017
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Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Ziggler tries to pick Nakamura’s leg but Nakamura sprawls out of it. Ziggler sweeps Nakamura. Nakamura kicks Ziggler in the chest. Nakamura misses a head kick and Ziggler backs away. Ziggler forces Nakamura into the corner. Ziggler slaps Nakamura in the face. Nakamura kicks Ziggler in the gut. Ziggler rolls up Nakamura for a two count. Ziggler locks in a modified top wrist lock. Nakamura front flips, then cartwheels out of it and drops Nakamura in an armbar. Ziggler gets to his feet and goes to the ropes. Nakamura taunts Ziggler then drops him with a knee. Jumping knee to Ziggler’s face. Good vibrations by Nakamura. Ziggler retreats to the outside. Nakamura rolls Ziggler back in. Ziggler catches Nakamura with a neck breaker as he attempts to get back into the ring. Ziggler rips at Nakamura eyes and nose before locking in a rear chin lock.

Nakamura gets to his feet but he runs right into a dropkick by Ziggler for another near fall. Ziggler stomps on Nakamura before dropping an elbow for another two count. Ziggler bad mouths Nakamura and slaps him in the back of the head. Ziggler headbutts Nakamura. Ziggler tries to whip Nakamura into the ropes but Nakamura stops his momentum and goes for an enziguri. Ziggler ducks but Nakamura catches him with a spin kick. Ziggler and Nakamura trade strike. Ziggler hits the ropes and runs right into a knee. Running knee in the corner by Nakamura. Nakamura lays Ziggler on the top rope and hits another running knee for a near fall. Nakamura sets up the reverse exploder but Ziggler elbows Nakamura in the face. Nakamura locks Ziggler in a triangle. Ziggler gets to the ropes. Ziggler kicks Nakamura in the knee and hits the Ziggler DDT for another long two count.

Ziggler calls for the superkick but Nakamura moves out of the way. ZigZag by Ziggler! Nakamura kicks out! Ziggler tries to piledrive Nakamura but Nakamura counters and hits an axe kick. Nakamura goes for the reverse exploder but Ziggler lands on his feet. Ziggler superkicks Nakamura in the back of the head. Nakamura still manages to kick out! Ziggler kicks Nakamura in the head over and over again. Ziggler spits in Nakamura’s face. Nakamura goes nuts and knees Ziggler over and over again. The referee pulls Nakamura off Ziggler multiple times. Nakamura lands a sliding knee to Ziggler’s head. Nakamura goes up top but he misses a tope rope Kinshasa. Ziggler misses a superkick, Nakamura elbows Ziggler in the back of the head, then hits the reverse exploder. Ziggler stumbles to his feet, turns around and gets obliterated by the Kinshasa! Ziggler is out. It’s over!

Winner- Shinsuke Nakamura

Screen Captures

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